Air conditioning duct and roll and tube elastomeric insulation

Elastomeric insulation

Selling all kinds of roll and tubular elastomeric insulation


Roll elastomeric insulation

Types of simple roll elastomeric insulation, adhesive back, reinforced adhesive back, foil insulation and…

Tubular insulation

Types of simple pipe insulation, adhesive, foil and…

عایق های الاستومری

Quality is not accidental


After sales service

The focus of customer confidence largely depends on the capabilities of the after-sales service department. For this reason, Clientveneta has tried to always be with its customers in accordance with its quality standards and by designing an efficient support and after-sales service system.


Our experts

At Clintveneta, we continue to stand out with our innovative and capable engineers using an innovative approach.


Best price and best quality

We guarantee that the products offered at Clintveneta are of the highest quality and best price compared to other physical and online stores across the country.

About Clintveneta

Clientveneta, relying on God and its tireless efforts since 2011, offers its services in the field of elastomeric insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories.

Using valuable experience and activity in the field of elastomeric insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories, Clintveneta, representing the best domestic and foreign manufacturers, has provided a collection of the best and highest quality goods in the field of ventilation and building installations. .

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Milad Hospital

Milad Hospital project in Urmia

Abadan Taleghani Hospital

Abadan Taleghani Hospital project

Qeshm Alphabet Office Towers Project

Qeshm Alphabet Office Towers Project