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Client Veneta, relying on God and its tireless efforts since 2011, offers its services in the field of elastomeric insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories.

Using valuable experience and activity in the field of elastomeric insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories, Clint Venta, representing the best domestic and foreign manufacturers, has provided a collection of the best and highest quality goods in the field of ventilation and building installations. .

About Clintveneta
About Clintveneta

The management of the company considers its main goal of the business to be the satisfaction of God Almighty by satisfying the customers.

  • The most reasonable price
    Highest quality
    After sales support
    Ease of buying and receiving goods
    Send to all parts of Iran with the lowest cost

The company’s management will always try to provide better, faster and cheaper services to its customers by continuously improving the systems and methods of doing work and by using the required information and knowledge.
The company started its activity with a customer-oriented attitude and from the very beginning, it tries to provide the three factors of price, quality and timely delivery in accordance with the demands of its customers.

Clint Veneta products include: elastomeric insulation, sound insulation, pre-insulated ducts, fasteners and supports, air conditioning ducts including insulated and uninsulated, connectors and ventilation accessories, and… have valid internal and external certifications.

Elastomeric insulation is a very good alternative to traditional and old insulation, including: glass wool, rock wool with clay and mastic and white polyethylene foams, and PIR and phenolic pre-insulated ducts replace old and traditional galvanized ducts. .

The goal of this company is to provide the best products, proper service in the shortest possible time and use the best goods. The company has always been committed to quality and has put customer satisfaction at the forefront of its performance.

About Clintveneta