Tubular Elastomeric Insulation



Tubular Elastomeric Insulation is one of the thermal and cold insulation, whose task is to prevent freezing in cold water pipes and also to prevent temperature drop in heating systems. This Elastomeric Insulation prevents metal pipes from rusting in atmospheric conditions. In addition, these insulators save energy in heating, cooling and ventilation systems. These insulations are mostly used for insulation in closed spaces.

Tubular Elastomeric Insulation
Advantages of Tubular Elastomeric Insulation
• Light and flexible
• Low heat transfer coefficient
• Easy installation
• High resistance to moisture and steam penetration, corrosion, fire, oil and chemicals, fungus and mold growth, etc.
• No HCFC, HFC, CFC, dust and fibers
• Not causing any skin and respiratory sensitivities to the user or the installer
• Easy maintenance and cleaning


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