The Internet has revolutionized the way nations live. Because of the numerous benefits and advantages, most people these days prefer to do most of their activities from home or work and online.

You can use online store sites or product introduction sites according to your needs.

In an era known as the age of communication, technology has made our daily lives so much easier that everything can be done with just one click. Shopping and getting to know businesses has also become much easier, more convenient and painless thanks to this development. Because you do not need to physically go to the store or factories and companies and spend a lot of time and money to do your work.

The Clintveneta website was launched in 1399 to inform customers about elastomeric insulation products and features, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories.


Clientveneta, relying on God and its unremitting efforts since 1390, offers its services in the field of elastomeric insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories.

Utilizing valuable experience and activity in the field of elastomeric insulation, air conditioning ducts and ventilation accessories, representing the best domestic and foreign manufacturers, this collection has provided a collection of the best and highest quality goods and goods in the field of building ventilation and installations.

Some of Clintveneta products include: elastomeric insulation, sound insulation, pre-insulated duct, fasteners and supports, air conditioning ducts including insulated and uninsulated, connectors and ventilation accessories, and… have valid internal and external certifications.

Elastomeric insulation is a very good alternative to traditional and old insulations such as: glass wool, rock wool with clay and mastic and white polyethylene foams and PIR and phenolic pre-insulated ducts replace old and traditional galvanized ducts.

The goal of this company is to provide the best products, proper service in the shortest possible time and use the best goods. The company has always been committed to quality and has put customer satisfaction at the forefront of its performance.

About Clintveneta

It is also worth mentioning that the clintveneta site was designed and supported by Webandishan Company. If you also want to have a dynamic website in your field of activity, you can contact the webmasters for advice and site design.

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